Rating Manager

Rating Manager plugin is a first ever content and comment rating plugin for WordPress that utilizes SVG image technology. Utilization of SVG technology gave a possibility for us to create very light, fast and highly customizable rating plugin. To make it even better, we have added a comment rating feature; so, you can get more feedback from your website visitors. Rating Manager is SEO friendly, and it can generate Rich Snippets, so, your site can provide more data to the search engines and advance in search results ranking. To make this plugin more efficient tool, we have integrated statistics engine, so, you can get a clear image of what’s happening on with your website content and comment rating. Moreover, to make this plugin more useful and attractive to WordPress developers, we have enriched it with hooks, filters, and functions that could help developers to use this plugin more efficient.

Try before you buy! Rating Manager Lite available for free download on the WordPress.org plugin repository. It’s a stripped-down version of Rating Manager plugin.

Plugin updates and premium support for 1 year.

Rating Manager

More details

Easy to modify

Almost unlimited modifications are possible to the Rating Manager forms. It’s a first WordPress rating plugin that uses SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) images as icons in rating form, and it has a lot of benefits. First of all, there is no need to use any graphic redactor software to prepare images for the rating form. You need at least two different images for common rating form working; one image represents positively rated points and the second image must represent the neutral state or unrated points. Our plugin needs only one colorless SVG image to work. Our plugin just changes SVG images color changing HEX color code in SVG image source. So, everything you need is just to select the image from supplied image list or upload your SVG image source and set up two different colors which will be used selecting them from the color picker. There is no limit, and you can use any color you want. Also, one of the biggest SVG benefits is a simple size changing without any image quality loss. You can modify the size of rating form icons selecting a size in pixels; also, there is no need to create a new set of images with any graphic redactor. So, as you see, you can customize rating forms whenever you want. To make more modifications, you can add a feedback form or change layout of rating form components editing a simple HTML code that is accessible via plugin options page. As you see, it’s easy to make modifications without much effort and use graphical redactor.

Complete control

Complete control over all functions of any plugin is very important. Every developer or website owner has his website vision of how his site should look, work and interact with visitors. We managed to make such control over the rating system straightforward and clear. You can control types of the content which included in the rating system and which is not. You can control everything on the smallest scale, if you need to enable the rating only for one post or page, if you want to exclude one page or post from the rating system, it’s easy to do, and you don’t need programming knowledge. We have developed several ways to control the appearance of rating forms on posts and pages to meet any needs. Also, when we’re talking about complete control, we have to mention, that it is quite critical to control the way how visitors use rating forms. To make it easy, we have developed several options to prohibit multiple rating for the same post or page by the same guest to keep rating results more accurate. It is possible due to the logging visitor IP address, using cookies or just limiting rating actions to one per post or page for a certain registered user. To keep content rating under full control, we have developed a system allowing the administrator to select which type of the content is rateable. This control type is critical as Rating Manager supports all kinds of the content from simple posts and pages to custom posts generated by various other plugins or themes.

Precise statistics

Statistics is a one of the most important Rating Manager plugin functions. Information collected by this plugin is precious. It can show you the popularity of the content more precisely than such kind of tools like Google Analytics or similar service. Analytics can show you only bare figures of the audience that have reached your posts or pages, but content rating can illustrate how the audience is satisfied with this content. In other words, you have an additional source of information that you can use alongside such kind of tools like Google Analytics or even alongside services provided by social networks. Many people have Facebook and similar social network accounts. Anyway, more people don’t use those social networks, or they are not always online; so, the feedback from users with a “Like” button is not always possible, but rating form doesn’t require your users to use any social network to show that they liked your website content. Also, we have to mention that social networks allow you to like the content or share it, but there are no social networks which allow rating the content, for example, on a five-point rating system. As you see, this additional source of information alongside with analytic services and social network activity on your website can give you a set of comprehensive information about your site performance.

Feedback power

Feedback is a very important thing when you care about the quality of your website and it’s content. There are two types of feedback. The first type is a rating action itself. If your site visitor decides to rate any content, it’s already a good sign, despite the fact that he has rated this post or page good or bad. In both ways, you gain valuable information which can tell you what you’re doing wrong or proper with your website content. The second type of the feedback we offer in our plugin is a feedback message input field. This area can appear to bellow the rating form right after the rating action. To make this rating information more accurate, your website visitors can leave their comments and tell you why he has rated this content and why he liked it or unliked. People like sharing their opinions and the fact that they could share their opinion with someone behind that content or website. Rating Manager plugin utilizes both mentioned types of the feedback, and you can get this feedback information as quickly as possible, as we have integrated the system that could send you the email instantly after someone has rated any post and left a feedback message.

Power to the people!

Comment rating feature integrated alongside the content rating system. These systems have their settings and work independently from each other. We think that comment rating makes a lot of sense. First of all, your website visitors can interact through comments and comment rating. Comment rating allows other visitors to show their opinion about certain comments, even if they don’t want to reply to these comments. It makes your guests feel like their opinion considered. Also, it makes your visitors follow updates in the comment section to look for any changes in comment rating; this means more visits to your website and more time spent on the website. More visits and more time spent on the website means better figures reached without much effort, as some internet search providers consider these two parameters when calculating overall sites rank for search results. Also, there are more comment rating benefits, for example, like moderation of comments. Unfortunately, there are such visitors and always will be, who are trying to insult other visitors by writing abusive comments. Comment rating system with other visitors will help you to identify such comments by the negative rating and take necessary action to remove abusing comments, and warn or even ban users with bad activity in the comments section.


Rating Manager has a lot of features to help you to enhance your website and collect more valuable information about your site content performance. Our plugin can provide useful information about your site visitors real interests. There are many features and options integrated to Rating Manager plugin; so, it’s impossible to describe all of them shortly, but you can see the best of them below.

SEO friendly – plugin has Rich Snippet generation function to enrich data indexed by search engines from your website with additional content or even with a product rating data.
SVG Technology – uses SVG images instead of using standard JPG or GIF and you can change the size or color without any loss of quality. SVG images load faster because they are lighter.
Comment rating – now you can get more feedback from your website visitors by comment ratings. You’ll be able to understand your website visitors even better.
Unlimited customization – you can customize rating form icons and their colors very quickly. There is no need for graphics editor software; the plugin makes this for you.

Extended rating – you can use feedback forms along with rating form that allows your website visitor to leave a short private message after the rating any content or product.
Always on duty – you can get instant notifications by email about every feedback message that your website visitors left after the rating and react faster to such activity.
Multisite ready – Rating Manager tested and ready for WordPress Multisite websites. You can rely on it, as it works with WordPress Multisite installs seamlessly.
Detailed statistics – the plugin has it’s own statistics and allows you to understand which website content is more interesting for visitors better, what they like and what they don’t.

Multilingual – Rating Manager by Elementous is completely compatible with WPML plugin and other similar plugins. Also, you can translate it by using .po and .mo files if you want.
Ecommerce ready – the plugin is compatible with a WooCommerce, Jigoshop and other similar WordPress e-commerce plugins. Custom posts of these plugins fully supported.
It’s social – it works with native WordPress social plugins, like BuddyPress and bbPress. You can widely use rating forms on custom posts and pages created by these plugins.
Continuity – it’s a premium plugin, and this means, that you will get a premium support, frequent updates, newly developed functions in the future and the latest WordPress version compatibility.

Easy to use – yes, it’s easy to use. It works out of the box right after the activation. Simple management, a wide range of wisely selected available options, complete documentation.
Widgets – Rating Manager has its own widgets designed to sustain and expand plugin functions. You can show the list of content rated the best, products and more in the widgetized area.
Developer friendly – there are native hooks, filter, and functions integrated and documented well to make your website development easier and as more pleasant as it could be.
Strategy – You can choose various strategies to control rating actions on your website. It’s easy to control the usage of rating forms by cookies, IP addresses, and type of the user.

Safe to use – we have used security rules and tips of the WordPress Codex to make this plugin safe against various types of threats. But, please, don’t forget to update it on time.
Neutral – It works fine with other free and premium WordPress plugins. Tested with various free and premium WordPress plugins for possible conflicts and incompatibility.
Clean and lean – polished to perfection. Plugin code corresponds the requirements of WordPress and W3C. Light and less demanded to PHP memory or database space.
Full control – there is a wide list of functions for rating forms complete control. You can exclude the posts from the rating system by ID or tag, or use it on a single post with a shortcode.