Google have started to pay more attention to compatibility of websites with mobile devices since April 24, 2015. This was caused by a sudden smart phones and tablets popularity rise. Actually, the growth of mobile Internet users is exponential and there is no way to ignore it. Rating Manager (mobile view) Google suggests to make all websites mobile friendly as there are separate search result pages (SERP) generated for ordinary (desktop users) and those who access Google search engine by mobile phones and tablets. So, you must tune up your website to meet all mobile friendly requirements to get more traffic from Google search to your website. WordPress websites are mobile friendly as much as it is possible with a theme you use and plugins that generate any visible components on these websites. In other words, WordPress is anyway compatible itself, but you must use themes and plugins that were developed to satisfy mobile friendly requirements and keep in mind those requirements in all website development areas.

This led us to follow these requirements in development process of our plugins. Rating Manager plugin that we have recently released is a pretty good example of mobile friendly WordPress plugin. Also, we want to assure,  that all following plugins that we are going to release will also be mobile friendly all the way. Not only with compatibility with a mobile size screens, but also we are going to concentrate on more compact scripts with a less mobile data consuming properties. Now we just want to remind you to check your websites with a Google tools (Google Mobile-Friendly Test) to identify possible mobile incompatibilities and tune up those websites to meet mobile friendly requirements. Look after your web projects – it guarantees that you are able to gain more traffic from Google search.