We are glad to announce that we have released our first premium WordPress plugin – WordPress Rating Manager. As we have started a development of several plugins simultaneously, we decided to release this plugin as a first our premium product to be available for purchase. We decided to make it first because we have noticed a lack of new innovations involved in such kind of plugins. The main thing that we wanted to do was to make the rating plugin more efficient and user friendly.

Rating form variationsMost of the rating plugins for WordPress are very similar and shares almost the same functionality. They use various images in rating forms, some of them have a wide range of predefined images which can be selected and the appearance of rating forms can be changed. But there is one crucial problem, these images are often in JPEG and GIF formats (sometimes combined into CSS sprites) and this means, that these plugins have a very limited amount of rating form icon variations and they are hardly customizable, because customization is limited with predefined raster graphic images. Rating Manager by Elementous is different, actually, it is completely different. We have made our plugin so, that it uses SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) images as rating form icons. SVG is vector type images, it means that you can scale them up or shrink to any size you want without any loss of the quality and you can do it easily – just select the necessary icon size in pixels. Also, you can easily change the color of SVG image – just change a HEX color code (yes, you can also use color picker to pick up desired color). It is very useful, because any developer or website owner can customize rating forms easier and faster than ever before. Just select one of many SVG icons provided with plugin or upload your own SVG image source code and you’re ready to go. Everything you need is to select the size of icons and set colors that will represent active (rated) points and passive (unrated) points in the rating form. That‘s it. There is no need to make a new set of raster images whenever you want to change the size or colors of your rating form icons. There is no need for graphic editor software, or CSS sprites technology knowledge.

WordPress comment rating

Besides, there are more features and options that allows you to change the style and layout of rating forms, even options to change the rating scale. We have decided to develop separate parallel rating system for comments to make this plugin even more sophisticated. Yes, this WordPress Rating Manager plugin allows your website visitors to rate the content and comments. Comment rating shares the same features as content rating and even more. You can highlight the most popular comments, you can choose between two types of rating systems (only positive ratings or positive and negative ratings).

Rating Manager plugin has integrated statistics system which allows you to see the performance of separate posts and pages. There is no other resource that could give you such information. Neither Google Analytics nor shares and likes on the social networks. Analytics could show you only the audience and some more parameters. Social networks are not used by everyone so they can’t provide complete feedback. But content rating statistics could show the strength and the weakness of your website content from the perspective of whole website audience. You can try to use feedback message form that can appear right after rating action to get even more feedback from your website users. Users can tell you why they liked or disliked a certain content of your website. As you see, you can get more information, interaction and feedback from your visitors simply, just by adding rating forms to the content of your WordPress website. There are even more functions and features integrated to the Rating Manager plugin and if you’re interesting in such simple, but efficient tool, please check the Rating Manager plugin product page for further information with a list of its features. We hope you’ll like this plugin.