Good news! We have another free WordPress plugin available. Now we want to present you Content Randomizer free WordPress plugin. It’s a very small and simple plugin that allows you to show random short text messages or images on a sidebar or other widgetized area of your website. These short messages can be quotes, jokes or other short pieces of any text. You can also show random images if you wish to as this plugin supports both types of content, texts and images. Furthermore, you can show random videos, if you wish, by pasting video embedding codes to Content Randomizer custom posts. To start showing random content on the widgetized area like a sidebar of your website (depends on the theme you use on your WordPress website), you need to install and activate this plugin, then to add some custom posts with preferred text content or images. Add Content Randomizer widget to any widgetized area on your website by Widgets manager of your WordPress website and you will see those custom posts randomly showing right there where you put that widget. It is as simple as it could be. This is quite handy because you have those custom posts separated from all posts of your website, it’s more easy to manage and maintain. You may help us with development of Content Randomizer by suggesting any improvements or reporting bugs. For those who want to contribute even more we suggest you to join development of Content Randomizer plugin on the GitHub. We hope you’ll try this plugin and you’ll love it.