Dear photobloggers, we have a small surprise for you – a brand new product release! After we released Rating Manager plugin, we promised that our WordPress rating plugin would be highly compatible. Compatible with the most popular WordPress plugins and themes. Basically Rating Manager is compatible right out of the box with almost all WordPress themes and plugins which you may want to use alongside with WordPress rating plugin. However, there are some plugins that require additional efforts just to make sure that everything looks good and works perfectly. Some plugins may require additional coding and this might be a problem for those who are not familiar with PHP, HTML, CSS and JS programming. To make it easier we decided to develop some free extensions to enhance compatibility of Rating Manager WordPress rating plugin with some of the most popular WordPress plugins.

From now on there is a Ratings for BWS Gallery free WordPress plugin available on and Github. This plugin works like extension and enhances compatibility of Rating Manager plugin with BWS Gallery WordPress plugin. Now you can add rating form for every photo available on your WordPress website galleries generated by BWS Gallery plugin. You can easily add rating forms to any gallery page as well. Your website visitors can also easily rate all photos and gallery pages. By the way, you’ll get individual rating statistics for every rated image or every rated gallery page.

Ratings for BWS gallery

Ratings for BWS Gallery cannot be used alone, it requires Rating Manager premium WordPress plugin and BWS Gallery plugin to be installed and activated. Make sure you have latest versions of these plugins.

Next Rating Manager extension is coming soon and it’s a plugin that will enhance compatibility between Rating Manager plugin and WordPress bbPress plugin. We will try to release it as soon as possible and it will be free and available on the and on our Github page. Any contribution is welcome, any suggestions and bug reports also highly appreciated. Follow the news on our blog for more details.