A few weeks ago we removed some plugins (Ratings for bbPress and Ratings for BWS gallery) from WordPress.org plugin repository. Now these plugins available for download only on Elementous.com (you need an account, but it’s free) and GitHub.

Publishing of those plugins to the WordPress plugin repository was made just to make updating and accessing plugin installation archives easier. However, suddenly we received a few bad reviews from WordPress.org users. Reviews were pretty much the same, we were blamed for publishing plugins that don’t work stand alone and requires a premium plugin, in this case, Rating Manager premium WordPress plugin.

All plugins that can’t work stand alone had clear descriptions of their functionality and it was mentioned that they are designed to work only in conjunction with premium WordPress plugin – Rating Manager. Rules are rules and to avoid any conflicts with WordPress community and to make sure that we do not violate any of WordPress.org rules we have decided to remove those plugins.

We want to apologize WordPress.org users. Also we want to apologize our customers for changes that will affect plugin updating procedures for these plugins (Ratings for bbPress and Ratings for BWS gallery). We’re working on independent updating system for all Elementous products. For now only manual updating available for premium WordPress plugins and plugins that are designed to work only in conjunction with our premium products. Thank you for your understanding and being with us.

Rating Manager extension plugins on GitHub