Last year was quite surprising. We have reached some goals that we didn’t plan to. But first of all, we want to say Thank You to all our customers who choose our products. Thank you for your support, for helping us to make our software even better and for your warm feedback that we received in the year 2016.

Rating Manager

Rating Manager plugin released in the 2015 year. Since launch, we have made a few updates for this product. Version 1.1 published on February 18, 2016. The latest update was released just a few weeks ago, and now we are proud to offer version 1.2 of Rating Manager plugin. The biggest surprise for us is a minimal demand for support of this plugin. It looks like we invested our time to polishing this plugin not without reason. Now, this extra time spent on development pays back. We are so happy that Rating Manager plugin attracted so many customers this year and we hope to make it even more attractive. Still, there is no other rating plugin for WordPress that is powered by SVG images and shares so much features with the highest level of compatibility. Is it possible to make it better? Yes, of course. And we will make it better in 2017.

Color Filters for WooCommerce

As our tribute to the WordPress community, we have released two free WordPress plugins. At the beginning of the 2016 year, Color Filters for WooCommerce plugin had only a few existing installs. Now, this number increases progressively every month, and now it has more than 2000 active installs. We think it’s a good result for the plugin that has a very particular function. Just to remind you, Color Filters for WooCommerce plugin works in conjunction with WooCommerce e-commerce and allows you to filter products from your WooCommerce shop by color. A simple yet powerful plugin that solves a lot of problems when you need to filter your products by color filters. This plugin supported like our premium plugin Rating Manager, and we will continue support this year. Besides, we will make some improvements and add some new features requested by active plugin users. There were two updates released last year for this plugin, and you can expect even more updates this year.

Content Randomizer

This small plugin has more than 500 active installs, and almost all of them made in the 2016 year. We didn’t expect that Content Randomizer WordPress plugin will reach 100 active installs. But it looks like even smallest and very specific plugins can find their users. Two updates released for this plugin in the 2016 year, and we promise to keep developing and supporting of this product in this year.

WordCamps in 2016

We do love WordPress, and we can’t live without WordCamps. Last year we attended to the WordCamp Europe 2016 in Vienna (Austria), WordCamp London 2016 (United Kingdom), WordCamp Riga 2016 (Latvia), WordCamp Kyiv 2016 (Ukraine) and WordCamp Norway 2016 (Oslo). Also, we were small sponsors of WordCamp London 2016.

In conclusion, this year was great. We started development of some new product and services, and now you just need to wait for them. We promise that the year 2017 will be exciting and full of surprises.