Rating Manager Lite released a few weeks ago is a stripped-down free version of the Rating Manager premium WordPress plugin. We thought it would be great to share this piece of code with all WordPress users and to give an opportunity to test some of the plugin features before purchasing a premium version of Rating Manager.

Rating Manager Lite features

If you’re looking for the fast and modern rating plugin for your WordPress content, this one will satisfy all your needs. SVG image technology used in this plugin makes it ultra fast and easy to use. SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics solves a lot of problems common to the other WordPress rating plugins.

The first issue that we have solved with SVG images is a way how you can change images used on rating form. Usually, similar WordPress plugins have a set of JPG, GIF or other raster graphics formats. The main problem is that you can’t change size, colors or shape of these images without graphics editor like Photoshop. SVG images are vector graphics, not raster, and we can change their size, colors, and shapes just by changing parameters in plugin settings. By the way, changing the image size will not affect image quality.

The second issue is speed. If you are concerned about your site speed optimization, we highly recommend you to try Rating Manager Lite plugin and compare it with other available rating plugins. You can see the difference in file sizes that you load with a plugin to render the rating form. Let’s take the most favorite icon – a yellow star icon. Let’s assume that we have made our star on Adobe Illustrator and we need an image of the star to be 32 by 32 pixels. If we export this star icon to optimized PNG file with the transparent background, we will get a 628-byte file size. The Same image exported to SVG file will be only 413-byte size, and most precious part is that SVG doesn’t have fixed dimensions. We can change its size from few pixels to virtually an infinite large scale since it’s a vector graphics. If we increase the size of PNG image to 64 by 64 pixels, it will weight more, yet SVG image will weight same 413-bytes.

A few years ago SVG images were rarely used because some browsers were unable to render SVG images. Now basically all modern browsers including the mobile browsers found in smartphones and tablets are capable of rendering SVG images properly.

The main difference between Rating Manager Lite and Rating Manager premium versions is that Rating Manager Lite allows you to put rating forms for content yet Rating Manager premium version allows you to put rating forms for comments. All other functions are pretty the same and you have lots of hooks, filters, and functions to customize rating forms as you want to. We suggest you try this plugin and see yourself how modern rating system for WordPress looks like. All comments and suggestions are very welcome, we want to know your opinion about this plugin.