Hello! Welcome to Elementous!

We are a small team of WordPress developers focused on developing of such products like plugins, themes, and extensions for WordPress. We are currently working on several premium WordPress plugins development, and we have some plans for the nearest future to expand our premium product range with more plugins, themes, and extensions. Moreover, we have some free WordPress products in the early development stage as our tribute to the WordPress community. Our primary purpose is to provide state-of-art products for WordPress users and developers all over the world. We are trying to design and develop our products by keeping in mind the whole range of possible types of user. From regular blogger to advanced WordPress developer that uses the WordPress content management system to build complex, sophisticated and highly customized WordPress websites.

The beginning

First thoughts about establishing such company and starting production of WordPress plugins, themes and extensions emerged in 2012. It was something new for us because we have been working as WordPress freelancers and had no idea how to run and manage such business. The idea to organize such activity was a little bit scary. However, we have decided to create a company and try to enter the market of premium WordPress products on June 2012. We had some ideas how to extend WordPress capabilities and functions, beside one of company founders had extensive experience in WordPress product development and support. So, we took a risk.

Just a name of the game

It seemed rather difficult to find a proper name for our company. Nowadays, it’s even harder to get a domain name to match your company‘s name if it composed from ordinary words. We just picked the word “elementary” as a base word for our business name, because we believe, that our products will be able to make developing of complex and highly customized WordPress websites as easy and elementary as it is possible. Since our company located in Europe, we have added a small accent to the base word “Elementary,” a suffix “-ous” (latin/old French language). That’s how the name Elementous was born.

Every company needs an identity. We have decided to create a logo for our business immediately, after the registration of company‘s name. We have decided, that letter “E” as the first letter of our company name should be represented on our business logo. We thought that logo itself should indicate the multiplicity of our products. After few days of sketching and messing with various logo versions, we have decided to choose this simple cube with “E” letter facings.



We spent much time drawing concepts and prototypes to our future products, trying to examine the market of WordPress plugins. First lines of code had appeared only after several months Since we had to spend a lot of time with other projects as freelancers just to get the salary and pay our bills, we moved with the progress of products quite slowly. It might look, that it took too much time to make first products ready for distribution, but believe – it was almost like an eternity for us. You can’t make things fast and proper, especially, when you freelance and try to get a university degree. Now we would do everything quite differently. If you have a good idea and you know how to put it into the practice, don’t waste your time and make it real as soon as possible. At this moment, we have one premium WordPress plugin published and available for purchase. Also, we have a queue of other premium and free plugins that are now in early development or beta testing stage. To fasten the process, we’re looking for developers to join our small team and make some nice things for WordPress and WordPress community. Finally, we just want to thank you for visiting our website or purchasing and relying on our products. We hope you’ll find here something that will help you to develop WordPress sites even better, faster and easier.

Sincerely yours,
Elementous team