Regular security audits – We’ve partnered with ThreatPress security

June 24, 2017 in News Comments (0)

Today, we’re very excited to announce our partnership with ThreatPress security. As our plugins run on more and more sites, we have a responsibility towards our users to make sure our code doesn’t make them vulnerable. ThreatPress, a firm providing complete web (WordPress) security services and consultancy. They are also behind SiteScan (remote security scanner) and WordPress Vulnerabilities Database. Regular Security Audits Drive Customer Trust ThreatPress will review all the code in our WordPress plugins. They will work with our development team to ensure that we use the best security practices and our code isn’t vulnerable. This partnership will allow […]

Rating Manager v1.2 with Compatibility Improvements for bbPress

December 29, 2016 in Product News Comments (0)

This new Rating Manager version brings full compatibility with bbPress, overall improvements and compatibility with WordPress 4.7. Compatibility for bbPress We’ve been developing and testing with bbPress 2.5.12. The most noticeable change for Rating Manager v1.2 is ability to enable ratings on bbPress forums, topics and replies. See how this works: Settings Forums rating: Topics rating: Replies rating: We also updated our documentation for bbPress support. We plan to add more demos and practical advices how to customize ratings for bbPress. Compatibility with WordPress 4.7 We ran QA on both WordPress 4.6 and on 4.7 to make sure everything works […]

Update: Color Filters 1.2.2 and Content Randomizer 1.2.3

October 15, 2016 in Product News Comments (2)

Update: Color Filters 1.2.2 and Content Randomizer 1.2.3 We updated Color Filters and Content Randomizer plugins. This release includes a few fixes and improvements. Nothing significant or dramatic. Running the latest version for best performance is good. We are planning to release a new version of Rating Manager very soon. Also, we’ve almost finished another free plugin – Testimonials Manager. Color Filters for WooCommerce 1.2.2 Bug fix: Color Filters widget echoing extra space in anchor tag – Reported by dkcreatto Bug fix: Color picker is not showing in color edit page Bug fix: Permalinks not flushed on plugin activation Bug […]

Rating Manager 1.1 version rolling out

February 18, 2016 in Product News Comments (0)

We’re happy to release today Rating Manager 1.1. This release includes several bug fixes and compatibility improvements with bbPress, BuddyPress and BWS Gallery plugins. Rating Manager changelog Fixed an issue with buddyPress when post object is empty Fixed Cookie & IP logging method Fixed PHP notices Removed top comment styling. Use hook from now Ratings for bbPress We released a plugin which makes Rating Manager and bbPress work nicely together. Now you can easily add rating form to bbPress topics and replies. Features Enables ratings for bbPress topics Enables ratings for bbPress replies Enables rating statistics for rated topics and […]

Update: Color Filters 1.2 and Content Randomizer 1.2.1

November 12, 2015 in Product News Comments (0)

We are very happy to release Color Filters for WooCommerce 1.2 and Content Randomizer 1.2.1 today, with complete compatibility for WordPress 4.4, and a list of improvements. Color Filters for WooCommerce 1.2 Feature: Added an option to Color Filters Widget for hiding empty colors Feature: Added an option to Color Filters Widget for including the number of assigned products Tweak: Reduce space between colors when layout is color Tweak: Added language (.po) file Content Randomizer 1.2.1 Feature: Added ability to change randomizer custom post type and randomizer taxonomy permalinks Tweak: Added language (.po) file Download and Update You can get […]

Update: Content Randomizer 1.2 and Color Filters 1.1.1

October 13, 2015 in Product News Comments (1)

We’ve just updated Color Filters for WooCommerce and Content Randomizer. This update includes new features and more stability. Content Randomizer 1.2 The highlight in this Content Randomizer release are categories and slideshow. Now, you can add a randomizer post, text or video to a certain category, then display it in front-end. A slideshow is a series of randomizer posts (slides), which can be text, an image or video. Feature: Added categories for randomizer custom posts Feature: Added slideshow (Owl carousel) widget and shortcode (As requested by Lance Jacobs) Feature: Added video to the list of types Feature: Now, date range […]