Rating Manager v1.2 with Compatibility Improvements for bbPress

December 29, 2016 in Product News Comments (0)

This new Rating Manager version brings full compatibility with bbPress, overall improvements and compatibility with WordPress 4.7. Compatibility for bbPress We’ve been developing and testing with bbPress 2.5.12. The most noticeable change for Rating Manager v1.2 is ability to enable ratings on bbPress forums, topics and replies. See how this works: Settings Forums rating: Topics rating: Replies rating: We also updated our documentation for bbPress support. We plan to add more demos and practical advices how to customize ratings for bbPress. Compatibility with WordPress 4.7 We ran QA on both WordPress 4.6 and on 4.7 to make sure everything works […]

Update: Color Filters 1.2.2 and Content Randomizer 1.2.3

October 15, 2016 in Product News Comments (2)

Update: Color Filters 1.2.2 and Content Randomizer 1.2.3 We updated Color Filters and Content Randomizer plugins. This release includes a few fixes and improvements. Nothing significant or dramatic. Running the latest version for best performance is good. We are planning to release a new version of Rating Manager very soon. Also, we’ve almost finished another free plugin – Testimonials Manager. Color Filters for WooCommerce 1.2.2 Bug fix: Color Filters widget echoing extra space in anchor tag – Reported by dkcreatto Bug fix: Color picker is not showing in color edit page Bug fix: Permalinks not flushed on plugin activation Bug […]

Content Randomizer WordPress plugin certified by WPML

April 6, 2016 in Product News Comments (0)

We have some important news for those who are using our free WordPress plugin – Content Randomizer. Yesterday we received an email from the OnTheGoSystems Inc. and it says that Content Randomizer plugin is fully compatible with the WordPress multilingual plugin – WPML. It means that Content Randomizer plugin could be safely installed on the multilingual WordPress websites powered with WPML plugin. Now you can create random content for every language on your multilingual WordPress website and show it in random order. It’s not the first Elementous WordPress plugin that gets a certificate of compatibility with WordPress multilingual plugin – […]

Rating Manager for bbPress and BWS gallery changes

March 24, 2016 in Product News Comments (0)

A few weeks ago we removed some plugins (Ratings for bbPress and Ratings for BWS gallery) from WordPress.org plugin repository. Now these plugins available for download only on Elementous.com (you need an account, but it’s free) and GitHub. Publishing of those plugins to the WordPress plugin repository was made just to make updating and accessing plugin installation archives easier. However, suddenly we received a few bad reviews from WordPress.org users. Reviews were pretty much the same, we were blamed for publishing plugins that don’t work stand alone and requires a premium plugin, in this case, Rating Manager premium WordPress plugin. […]

Rating Manager 1.1 version rolling out

February 18, 2016 in Product News Comments (0)

We’re happy to release today Rating Manager 1.1. This release includes several bug fixes and compatibility improvements with bbPress, BuddyPress and BWS Gallery plugins. Rating Manager changelog Fixed an issue with buddyPress when post object is empty Fixed Cookie & IP logging method Fixed PHP notices Removed top comment styling. Use hook from now Ratings for bbPress We released a plugin which makes Rating Manager and bbPress work nicely together. Now you can easily add rating form to bbPress topics and replies. Features Enables ratings for bbPress topics Enables ratings for bbPress replies Enables rating statistics for rated topics and […]

Rating Manager compatibility with BWS Gallery

February 2, 2016 in Product News Comments (1)

Dear photobloggers, we have a small surprise for you – a brand new product release! After we released Rating Manager plugin, we promised that our WordPress rating plugin would be highly compatible. Compatible with the most popular WordPress plugins and themes. Basically Rating Manager is compatible right out of the box with almost all WordPress themes and plugins which you may want to use alongside with WordPress rating plugin. However, there are some plugins that require additional efforts just to make sure that everything looks good and works perfectly. Some plugins may require additional coding and this might be a […]

WordPress bbPress rating plugin

January 21, 2016 in Product News Comments (0)

We have started 2016 year pretty well. Today we want to announce the release of another plugin – Ratings for bbPress. At the end of last year we promised to release plugin that would extend and enhance compatibility between bbPress plugin and Rating Manager premium WordPress plugin. bbPress has more than 300.000 active installs and it’s the most popular plugin that allows you to have forum on your WordPress website. We had some requests from our clients for such extension so it was logical move to make this plugin. Finally, we have made it. Ratings for bbPress is a free […]

Update: Color Filters 1.2 and Content Randomizer 1.2.1

November 12, 2015 in Product News Comments (0)

We are very happy to release Color Filters for WooCommerce 1.2 and Content Randomizer 1.2.1 today, with complete compatibility for WordPress 4.4, and a list of improvements. Color Filters for WooCommerce 1.2 Feature: Added an option to Color Filters Widget for hiding empty colors Feature: Added an option to Color Filters Widget for including the number of assigned products Tweak: Reduce space between colors when layout is color Tweak: Added language (.po) file Content Randomizer 1.2.1 Feature: Added ability to change randomizer custom post type and randomizer taxonomy permalinks Tweak: Added language (.po) file Download and Update You can get […]