Color Filters for WooCommerce is not standalone WordPress plugin. It needs the latest version of WooCommerce install on your WordPress online store. There are no special requirements for PHP version or database that you use. If your WordPress installation and WooCommerce plugin run smoothly, then Color Filters for WooCommerce should also work without any glitches.

Color Filters for WooCommerce

There is a small chance that Color Filters for WooCommerce plugin may interfere with other plugins and generate some warnings. In this case, please ask for support in our Technical Support forum. Don’t forget to provide more information about the full stack of software that you try to use. Provide WordPress, WooCommerce, other active plugins list and their versions. Also, we need to know theme name and its version. It is necessary to provide information about any modifications and customizations made to plugins or theme.

To avoid any unpleasant situations, please make a full backup of your website files and database before proceeding with installation and activation of Color Filters for WooCommerce plugin.