Content Randomizer plugin utilizes its custom type posts. Open plugin content section. Located on the WordPress admin panel sidebar. Now click on the sub menu item “All Items” to see all posts created for Content Randomizer or sub menu item “Add New” to create new Content Randomizer post.

Content Randomizer WordPress plugin

We highly recommend you to use categories to sort content to the sets. Besides, it is highly recommended to use same type content for each set (category). Try to avoid mixed content types on the same set (category). You can create posts with text content, featured image or embedded video. Do not use the same post for two types of content like text and image. All posts under the same category should be of the same kind.

To create Content Randomizer post for text just click on the “Add New.” Now insert a title for this post, content, and select category. Please remember that this plugin is mainly orientated to show random content on the widget, so it is better to avoid large portions of text content. You may try to create dummy posts just to test how they appear on the sidebar of your website.

Content Randomizer WordPress plugin

To create random image content follow the same steps, but instead of typing any text content add featured image to this post (the only title, featured image, and category).

If you want to show random videos on your widgetized sidebar, follow the same steps as creating text post, but instead of ordinary text in the content area enter video embed code.

For more advanced control of your random content, you can use time and date control function that is available for all posts of Content Randomizer. You can Set date and time range when this post is active. Before and after the time range this post is inactive and ignored by Content Randomizer widget.