Elementous Content Randomizer is a free WordPress plugin designed to show random content like text, images or videos on widgetized areas of WordPress websites. The main idea of this WordPress plugin is to allow webmasters to show specific content on the dedicated widget and to separate this content from whole content for more easy management. We believe that it is more efficient to hold some types of content as custom post types with own categories and unmixed with all regular posts and pages of your WordPress website.

Content Randomizer WordPress plugin widget

So, what have we achieved? First of all, we need to mention that Content Randomizer is easy to use and is user-friendly. No endless setting pages, no tricky fields to insert any HTML or similar code. Everything you need to start using this plugin is to activate it and create at least two custom type posts (you can create only one post and show it on the widget, but it makes no sense to use the content rotating system just for one post). Ad Content Randomizer widget to any widgetized area of your website and it will start showing those posts in random order. As previously mentioned, you can display text content, images, or embedded videos.

It’s a great tool when you need to show randomly changing the specific content or multiple posts of that content on a single widget at the same time (achieved by setting widget to slideshow mode). We have integrated slider function so the widget can work both ways: by showing random content every time you load the page or refresh it (single post per load) or showing random content in a slide show (multiple posts per load).

We hope you’ll enjoy this plugin and will find it useful.