This section of the Elementous Rating Manager plugin settings page allows you to change the basic phrases in the feedback form. You can change those phrases at any time. Also, keep in mind, that plugin is fully compatible with WPML localization plugin, and you can easily use feedback forms on multilingual WordPress websites.

Rating and feedback messages

Rating Manager messages settings

Elementous Rating Manager plugin uses some short messages that you can see after the certain actions. There are three default messages used with rating and feedback form. You can change those messages adding your message text. “Thank you for the rating” message is shown right after any user has pressed the rating form image to select the rating value. “Feedback about this page” message appears above the feedback form and “Thank you for your feedback” message will be visible right after any user submits the feedback form. You can always change these messages. If you’re using WPML or other WordPress translation and localization plugins, these messages will be available for translation as separate strings.