Translating with WPML plugin

WPML is a highly effective localisation plugin that we recommend for our plugin translation. It’s a premium plugin, so, it’s not free but definitely worth to buy. If you want to translate Rating Manager plugin by using WPML plugin (keep in mind, that WPML is capable to translate almost all WordPress plugins and themes) you just need to install WPML on the same WordPress website which is equipped with our rating plugin. Elementous Rating Manager plugin is officially certified by OnTheGoSystems as WPML compatible.

Rating Manager Plugin certificate of WPML compatibility

Rating score sync between translations

WPML synchronization

You can synchronise rating average between translations of posts and pages (this function is available from plugin version 1.02, WPML plugin must be installed and active, you will find WPML sync function controls in Rating Manager plugin settings under the “General Settings” tab). Tested with WPML plugin. Earlier versions of our WordPress rating plugin treated translations of posts and pages as separate posts and pages with separate rating data.

This function does one very simple job, it just calculates ratings of all translated versions of posts or pages as if it is one post or page. So, if you have English post that was rated 5/5 and translation of this post in French language, that was rated for 1/5, you will see rating average 3/5 in both English and French versions of this post.

Translating with .po/.mo files

You can make .po/.mo files with translations to other languages by using PoEdit software that is available in FREE and Premium versions. Generated translation files should be uploaded to directory “/languages”.