Elementous Rating Manager plugin has it’s own statistics. You can find the menu item with a link to the Elementous Rating Manager plugin statistical data on the WordPress sidebar menu. Submenu item of the Elementous Rating Manager plugin. Elementous Rating Manager statistics will provide all necessary data about all types of the content which visitors of your website have rated. Posts, pages, custom posts and more content types (depends on what kind of plugins do you use on your site and the way you set up Elementous Rating Manager plugin).

All ratings

Rating Manager statistics

The first tab “All ratings” on the statistics page provides information about all rated content. Statistics will show you titles of rated content, content types, average rating value and feedback status. To make statistical review easier, we have made some filtering options. Now you can filter the type of the content (Post type) and list them by the average rating value in ascending or descending order, just select the necessary filter, drop-down lists order and press button “Filter” and you’ll be able to see filtered results below. If there will be many statistic records you’ll see lists with paginated result, pagination controls are located on the right side above the list.


Rating Manager statistics

The second tab “Overall statistics” will show you summarized statistical data. You’ll be able to see summaries of rating system usage during following periods of time: day, week, month, year and overall (data collected since the beginning of plugin usage). You’ll be able to see how many times your posts, pages, custom posts and other types of content your website visitors have been rating.

Feedback messages

Rating Manager statistics

If your Elementous Rating Manager plugin is set up to allow visitors to leave the feedback messages, you can read them directly on statistics page (“All ratings” tab). Information about feedback’s left on any post, page or custom post is available on Feedback column of statistic page table. System will show you how many feedback’s are left for any post, page or custom post. For example, posts, pages and custom posts without feedback’s will have status “No feedback yet”, but if any posts on your website have two feedback’s, you’ll see the status “View (2)”; it means, that there are two feedback messages left for this post. If you want to read them, just click on this status. After clicking on this status, you’ll be redirected to the list of feedback messages left for this particular post. Every line on this page represents separate feedback message, and you’ll be able to see the feedback message and information related to this message: the name of feedback author, email, rating value, feedback date and time.