WooCommerce Color Filters

Color Filters Widget is a simple yet very useful plugin. This plugin is made to be fully compatible with the most popular WordPress e-commerce plugin – WooCommerce. Color Filters Widget plugin allows you to create color filters for any goods on your web store based on WooCommerce. Just add color filters to the filter list and use them as an additional taxonomy for your store products. Add plugin widget to the sidebar or any other widgetized area, and you’ll see all available color filters. Now with a single mouse click on preferred color filter your users will be capable of filtering goods on your store by colors. Very useful for online clothing shops and other products that can be sorted by colors.

WooCommerce Color Filters

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Ready to run

Just install Color Filters Widget plugin and it’s ready to run. You can create color filters with a color filters management page. Create color filters by writing color name and selecting correspondent color and save it. You can also set the desired slug for color filter taxonomy. After you create your preferred color filters, you can use them as a taxonomy for your web store items. You can assign more than one color to your store products, and they will be filtered by any of the designated color filters.

Color filter widget

Everything you need to make your web store visitors to be able to filter products from your store by colors is to add Color Filters Widget plugin widget to the sidebar or other widgetized area. Open your WordPress widget manager page and add Color Filters Widget plugin widget to the preferred widgetized area that is available (depends on the theme you use on your website). Of course, you should place this widget in the website area where it can be seen easily. That’s it. Now your web store visitors will be able to filter products by color. If you need to change the appearance of widget, you can modify your theme CSS file by adding some classes to override default CSS settings of widget.


Full Compatibility – WooCommerce Color Filters plugin made for WooCommerce, so you don’t need to worry about compatibility issues. Everything you need is to keep this plugin and WooCommerce up to date.
Integration – WooCommerce Color Filters plugin integrates with WordPress and WooCommerce by adding its options to the product editing page and WooCommerce products options menu.
SEO Friendly – WooCommerce Color Filters plugin uses its taxonomies to generate products archives by colors added to the color filter list. These archives are accessible directly and may be indexed by search engines.
Easy To Modify – WooCommerce Color Filters plugin is easy to adjust and to make it fully meet your needs. You need to alter just a few CSS classes to change the look of the color filter widget.