Hi Dominykas

That’s great, thank you. I switched Rich Snippets off and it solved my problem.

I’m not clear if the issue is a problem with my code or yours though so might affect other users too.

I can’t upload screengrabs here so difficult to show you but basically I am seeing “> being printed on the page and have identified that as coming from this line of code which is being broken up:

<div itemtype=”http://schema.org/Thing” itemscope=”” itemprop=”itemReviewed”>
<meta fee-title”=”” content=”Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Makeup Collection<br class=” itemprop=”name”>

You can see that the br class”… is being put in the middle of another tag. Is it possible I did this somehow?

It’s not a problem turning rich snippets off as the client wasn’t expecting this anyway but as you have built it, it would be good functionality to use. It’s fine to stop here though.