Hi Dominykas,

Thanks so much for your reply. It took me some time to get back on this problem as I was struggling with some other problems ;)

1) It worked! Allthough the first instruction on adding the hook name “bbp_theme_after_reply_content” to Rating form location resulted in double ratings.. So I removed the hook name again and now its fine.

2) Thanks for the pointing in the right direction. I think I should modify bbpress/loop-single-topic.php but if I add elm_readonly_rating_form() at the place of voices, I only see one empty raring.. I think that the rating dows not know what rating to show.. If you would have a look at it, that would be awesome, I have put the bbpress-template-files (I think that is the only files you need? ) at this location: c4sl.eu/leadershipagility/wp-content/themes/kleo-child/bbpress.zip

3) I am not sure if you understand correctly. I mean to sort the topics within the forum-page by default on rating, so if you open the page, like http://c4sl.eu/leadershipagility/case-dialogue/ch-3-interpersonal-steering/, the sticky is at the top, but after that, the best rated topic is showed on top after that, and the seconde rated topic after that, etc.

Thanks so much for helping!