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    Hi there,

    I think I’ve found an issue with the Rating Manager plugin in combination with making use of the commenting function of BuddyPress. My client reported this issue with the following screenshot:

    Since I was in the finalizing state of the project, I hired a developer to finish (other) latest points. That’s why I also asked him to take a look at this issue. I would like to share his answer with you, since he wants to make an adjustment in a core file of your plugin to make it work.

    The developer:
    “I looked over the code in the plugin and specifically at that line. The specific part of the line that is causing the problem is:
    get_post_type( $post )
    Where $post is the global $post variable that contains the post data for the archive being viewed. As long as there is an active post the issue reported should not happen.
    I can tweak the plugin so that I can guarantee that the issues doesn’t happen again, but this would require editing the plugin directly. If this isn’t a problem I’ll go ahead and do that.”

    I’m curious about your opinion here, since you made the plugin and know it best.
    Looking forward hearing from you.


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    Hi Peter,

    Thank you very much for reporting this bug! I’m adding this to our to-do list. Can you please tell what version of BuddyPress plugin you are using? We’re working on the new version of the plugin and we plan to release it next week. Of course, we’ll fix this issue. If you need this fixed ASAP, go ahead and change the line that is causing this issue.

    Please let me know if you have any more questions

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    Hi Dominykas,

    You’re welcome.
    I’m using BuddyPress version 2.4.3
    Good to hear you have an update planned so shortly.
    I will be needing the adjustment earlier, so I’ll ask my current developer to make the change.

    But – as I understand correctly – I do not have to keep a changelog of edited lines and I can overwrite the plugin with the next update right away, that makes things easier for me :)


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    Hi Peter,

    You are right. No need to keep a changelog of edited lines. I will send you an email once beta version is ready :)

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