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    Derek Blaylock

    Hello. Thank you for the excellent work in developing this plug-in. This plug-in has recently stopped working on my website following two concurrent events. I just updated the site to 4.9.4. Additionally, I significantly added to the number of post in the randomizer and added a few new categories. Some of the post have large character counts. The randomizer seemed to work fine in 4.9.4 until I added bunch of new post, and it worked fine under version 4.9.3. Additionally, if I log into the admin portion of the site, and then follow the link to the page the randomizer will work like it should as long as I stay logged in under my admin credentials. I am a novice at all of this, but any guidance that you could provide would be appreciated. If this turns into a major undertaking I would be willing to engage your team on a paid basis.

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    I am having this issue as well. I’m hoping we will have an answer soon!

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